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Saw palmetto grows like weeds. If you accidentally brush against those fronds, then you will surely get a mean scratch. This herb is found in various parts of the world. In the US, it is commonly seen in South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. This herb with a raisin-like fruit is one of the sources of a dietary supplement that aims to enhance men’s sexual health (or desire). Most of the multivitamins for men contain this herb as their key ingredient to promote sexual health.

What is interesting about this herb is its many health benefits. Listed below are some of its uses.

1. BPH

Saw palmetto has been discovered as an effective treatment for benign prostatic enlargement of the prostate. The supplements that contain such herb are said to alleviate symptoms of this medical condition. These symptoms will include frequent urination and difficulty voiding.

Unfortunately, researchers do not have the same conclusion as to how this herb can affect the prostate gland. Some of them believed that the chemicals of this herb encourage more production of testosterone, thereby, reducing prostate cell growth. Other researchers, on the other hand, think that the exact effect of it is the shrinking of the prostate’s actual size.

Because of that, further research is necessary to unveil the real benefits of saw palmetto and determine how it truly affects the enlarged prostate. Learn the best steps for maintaing sexual health.

2. Health of the prostate

Although it is not yet clear as to how this herb can affect this gland, taking of a supplement that contains such herb can reduce your risk of suffering from prostate cancer. In animal studies, it was found out that this herb has the ability to inhibit the growth of the tumor cells. Unfortunately, there are no available human studies that can prove saw palmetto’s worth in humans.

Still, consumption of this herb may speed up recovery in men who underwent prostate surgery. On the other hand, some scientists did note that supplements that contain this herb do not have long-term health benefits on prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland.

3. Urinary tract

This herb is also said to improve your urinary tract’s health. Think about it. If you have an enlarged prostate, the urine that flows from your bladder to your penis will be greatly disrupted. With the help of this herb, the symptoms of UT problems can be alleviated.

Sexual Health

Although saw palmetto is believed to improve urinary tract’s health, it is still highly recommended that you talk to your doctor.

The anti-inflammatory property of saw palmetto is another reason this herb has been a popular remedy to various diseases. Other users of this herb discovered an increased in their hair growth after a few applications. Furthermore, medical researchers believed that it may help in preventing male-pattern baldness as it can block some of the testosterone’s effects.

Other uses of this herb may include treatments for cough, sore throats, migraines and bronchitis.

To maximize the benefits of saw palmetto, it is best to consult your physician and purchase a supplement that contains at least 85% of this herb.

If you wish to optimize the health benefits of saw palmetto, you should pair it with nettle root.

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