Sexual HealthGood sexual health isn’t just about sexual intercourse. Women should know that sexual health encompasses many other aspects like understanding how your body works, knowing what turns you on and what puts you off, accepting your sexual desires and sexual orientation, choosing a form of sexual expression that you are comfortable with, and knowing how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STD s) and unwanted pregnancies.

Women should understand that sexual health begins with accepting your sexuality. Our earliest perceptions of sex are inculcated in childhood by our parents’ and society’s attitude towards it. Until recently, talking about sex was taboo. So, children, especially females perceive that sex is not a good thing. They hear the disapproving voices discussing homosexuality and they subconsciously register that as well. These false ideas infiltrate into adulthood and can be a mental hurdle to good sexual health. It could lead to feelings of shame or guilt when indulging in sexual activities, a reluctance to fully explore sexual potential, or a negative approach to sex. Your sexuality is an integral part of who you are. By accepting your desires, women can positively enhance their sexual experiences and create a healthier self-image. Learn how to have great sex online.

As a women and an individual, you should never indulge in anything you are uncomfortable with, especially when it comes to sex. Putting up with sexual activities that hurt, embarrass or humiliate is just plain wrong. If you know what you want from a sexual relationship, and you understand what excites you and gives you pleasure and what doesn’t, it empowers you to control your sexuality and choose a form of sexual expression that you are comfortable with.

Sexual HealthGood sexual health also means protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STD s). Women can talk to a trusted gynecologist regarding any fear, doubts and inhibitions they may have. Learning about the various types of STDs and how to prevent them, knowing how to determine if you have one, and what to do if you are infected, is a very important aspect of sexual health. Women should have complete knowledge about STD’s to prevent them from any heath risk.

Sexual health and Fertility is as important as physical or mental well-being. Women can better the quality of their life by fully exploring and understanding their sexuality.

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